• Green-Bean

    Similar to most greeneries, Green beans are rich in fibres, vitamins and
    minerals. Additionally, it prevents serious diseases.

  • Cauliflower

    May support your weight loss plan, being low on carbohydrates and full with
    vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Broccoli

    Broccolis are super.
    Full nutrient profile with numerous benefits.

  • Vegetable mix

    Coloured enough to boost your health and mood. A mixed portion of diverse
    veggies to boost your health.

  • peas and carrots mix

    Peas and carrots, vegetables soulmates in many dishes dancing side by side to offer vibrant joyful colors and delicious taste.
    Enjoy our Peas and carrots to have healthy nutrients meal .

  • Okra Zero

    Okra will help promote your red blood cells, regulate your blood sugar and
    lower cholesterol and may support your weight loss plan.

  • Green-Beans

    Frozen green beans hold an enormous amounts of fibers , minerals and protein.
    They carefully selected ,and frozen to be consumed and cooked in only few minutes.

  • Frozen-Fries

    French Fries crispier and juicier than ever , enjoy our premium french-fires which goes even with deal meal , we packed it and it’s ready to be cooked in minutes .

  • Strawberry

    Our selected Strawberries are not only rich nutritional values as vitamin C , but are also responsible for nourishing your skin. Enjoy our fresh and nutritional strawberries picked only for you.

  • peas

    Peas are full of Dietary fibers and are significantly low in calories so it’s essential to any healthy diet while also containing high amounts of energy.